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CASPER — The Casper Chapter of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles will take back the Ten Commandments monument if the City Council decides it should be removed from a park.

Hash Nickerson, the chapter's secretary, said the Eagles would still prefer that the monument remain on city land in City Park where it has been for 38 years. The Eagles donated the monument to the city in 1965.

The City Council was to meet Tuesday night to decide what to do with the monument.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation asked the city to take down the monument, saying it violates the U.S. Constitution.

Last week the council addressed the topic at a work session and decided to look into selling the piece of City Park on which the monument sits to a private party so that the monument can remain where it is.

But if selling the land is illegal, the city must either remove the monument or keep it and allow other groups to place monuments in the park.

Green River City Council to hear citizens again

GREEN RIVER — Citizens will get their say during Green River City Council meetings.

Mayor David Gomez had suggested moving a regular council agenda item to hear citizen concerns to after council meetings.

Gomez said the consensus is that the citizens' concerns should remain on the agenda.

Gomez said he didn't realize how strongly the other council members felt about keeping the item on the agenda. Some council members say they were never consulted about the proposal.

Councilman Pete Rust said taking off the agenda item for citizens' concerns was never discussed by the council.