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CASPER, Wyo. — Former Natrona County probation officer Ruby Maddox hit her one-month anniversary as a Casper Re-Entry Center resident last week. She is unlikely to be around for her second.

The 35-year-old was sentenced in April after pleading guilty to felony drug possession and larceny. Two women that Maddox had supervised accused Maddox of stealing their prescription painkillers after she “accidentally” spilled them on the floor.

Prosecutors say Maddox additionally stole a puppy from one of the women and money from an office charity event.

Maddox avoided prison time by accepting a plea deal and was sentenced to three years of supervised probation as well as a spot at the CRC’s program for felons.

On Tuesday afternoon, Maddox was booked into the Natrona County Detention Center. She had been “terminated” from the CRC program, according to Natrona County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Gus Holbrook.

CRC Director Rick Catron said he couldn’t divulge the exact reasons as to why the former probationer was removed, but spoke in general about circumstances that could be grounds for such action.

Maddox was assigned a probation program that averages about six months to complete, Catron said. He was unsure of the exact success rate, but estimated it was more than 70 percent.

“Our intent is to be successful, and there are some people you just know that they’re not going to make it,” he said. “They are taken out right away … especially if they are a danger to the community.”

Catron said there is no fixed number of “strikes” a resident is allowed before they’re out. Each determination is made on a case-by-case basis.

Natrona County District Attorney Michael Blonigen also declined to comment on specific allegations, but said Maddox is accused of violating her probation.

Maddox’s new bond will be set in the next few days at a District Court appearance, Blonigen said. A probation revocation hearing will then be set within 15 days to determine whether the allegations she failed to meet the terms of her probation are valid.

The judge has a good deal of discretion at this point, Blonigen said. He or she could impose Maddox’s suspended sentence — three to five years in prison.