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GREEN RIVER, Wyo. — Wyoming Game and Fish Department wardens have discovered another double mule deer poaching case, once again in Uinta County.

Game and Fish spokeswoman Lucy Wold said the two deer were located Nov. 12 just outside of Evanston.

Evanston Game Warden Brian Baker said "blatant" poachers have illegally killed five buck mule deer in Uinta County since late October.

"These deer appeared to have been killed at a different location and dumped where they were found," Baker said in a media release Friday.

"Nothing was taken from either deer," he said.

Wold said both recently discovered deer were shot in the neck.

She said wardens are being "tight-lipped" about the evidence collected and are eager to catch the poachers.

Game and Fish officials noted the high number of poaching incidents in southwest Wyoming this fall hunting season, but aren't sure of the cause.

"The amount of poaching activity this fall has been unusually high for this area," Baker said. "It needs to come to an end."

Game wardens were already investigating the poaching of a buck mule deer and young bull moose shot and killed in late October near Evanston.

In another poaching incident in Uinta County, somebody killed a mature buck that was poached for its antlers in the Ashley National Forest south of Mountain View.

Two buck mule deer were poached near Piedmont in central Uinta County around Nov. 5.

In Sweetwater County, before the Sept. 1 deer season opened, game wardens said a trophy buck mule deer was shot by poachers using high-powered rifles on White Mountain northeast of Rock Springs.

In early October, poachers shot and killed two elk on Aspen Mountain south of Rock Springs, killing one elk outright and leaving the second to die slowly.

A Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper had to destroy the wounded elk, which was unable to move.

In the Raymond Canyon area near Cokeville in neighboring Lincoln County, poachers shot and killed a female mountain lion and its kitten sometime around Oct. 10.

Cokeville Game Warden Neil Hymas said he believes the female lion's head was removed from the carcass by a different party after the poaching incident.

Baker asked that anyone with information about any of the poaching incidents call him at 307-789-3285. Tips may result in a reward and informants can chose to remain anonymous.


Contact Jeff Gearino at or 307-875-5359.