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CASPER, Wyo. (AP) - The headline raised some eyebrows, but authorities said there's no evidence an alien baby has been found in Casper.

According to a story published in The Weekly World News tabloid, local rancher Phil Merleson found a scaly skinned infant on the floor of his barn May 7 after hearing a humming sound emanating from the building.

The story added that mysterious lights were seen in the area the previous night. The creature, the paper reported, has two brains and three hearts, is in good health and can produce high-frequency wails capable of shattering glass.

Included with the story were several photographs allegedly taken from a video shot by Merleson's wife, Cynthia.

FBI Special Agent Ann Atanasio said the agency was not aware of any alien babies discovered in its territory covering Wyoming and Colorado and denied any involvement with such a case.

"But I suggest that you might want to refer any inquiries to FBI headquarters and ask for agents Mulder or Scully," she quipped, referring to the stars of the TV show "The X-Files."

Natrona County Sheriff Mark Benton was also unaware of any alien babies discovered in barns in his jurisdiction.

"I wish we had found an alien baby, but we have not found one and we have not really been looking for one," he said.

The newspaper learned of the happenings from the Merlesons themselves, who sent editors the videotape, Weekly World News executive editor Barry Dutter said.

No one named Merleson, however, is listed in Casper-area phone books or on any Internet-based telephone directory.

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