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School Bus

Riverton school officials are recommending that three students be expelled following a hazing or bullying incident that occurred on a school bus. 

Fremont County School District No. 25 will recommend the expulsion of three students at a Riverton high school in connection to an incident that took place on a school bus in Natrona County, the district announced Tuesday.

Superintendent Terry Snyder said in a Tuesday afternoon phone interview that the incident could be characterized as incorporating hazing and bullying as part of an initiation. He declined to provide further specifics.

Natrona County Sheriff's Office spokesman Aaron Shatto confirmed Tuesday morning that his office was conducting a criminal investigation of the incident. He said the sheriff's office had learned about the incident on Thursday, but because of the ages of the people involved and the nature of the alleged crime, he could not offer details.

Snyder said the students involved were high schoolers on a school activity trip, but declined to specify which activity the students were travelling for.

In addition to recommending the expulsion of three students, the school district will recommend the suspension of another student, according to a news release.

"Everybody deserves equal respect," Snyder said. " That's a lesson that has to be learned."

The recommendation comes on the heels of allegations that Kelly Walsh High School wrestlers waterboarded a teammate on school property. Natrona County's district attorney declined to press charges in relation to that incident, saying the incident was an episode of inappropriate hazing.