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GREEN RIVER — A prosecutor in Sweetwater County has cleared two Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers in the fatal shooting of a New Mexico man in May.

Jason Petri, Sweetwater County attorney, issued a press release stating that his office has reviewed a report from the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation regarding the May 25 shooting of Gary Loyd, 70, of Albuquerque.

The release gives the following information about the shooting:

Before the shooting, other motorists called the state's Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately line to report that Loyd was ramming his Jeep into other cars and shooting at other motorists on Interstate 80. The reports stated that the Jeep was traveling eastbound on the westbound lanes trying to collide with oncoming traffic.

Troopers Adam Davies and Carla Nichols responded to the reports. They came upon a crash involving the Jeep and a black Mazda near milepost 64.

Nichols arrived and she saw a man crouched behind the Jeep saying, "He's shooting at me." Davies arrived and heard Nichols say, "shots fired."

Davies saw Loyd had a gun and told him to drop it, which Loyd failed to do. Davies fired at Loyd, who then moved toward the back of the Mazda and went into a fetal position on the ground.

The troopers told Loyd to drop his gun again, but he raised it in their direction. Davies fired at Loyd again.

The troopers removed the pistol from Loyd's hand and handcuffed him. Davies tried rescue breathing techniques on Loyd but was unable to resuscitate him.

"I am absolutely certain that the use of deadly force by Trooper Davies was by the book and 100 percent justified," Petri stated.

Toxicology reports show Loyd was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the shooting.

Sweetwater County Coroner Dale Majhanovich said Loyd wasn't on prescribed medication at the time of the shooting. He said Loyd's family told him that Loyd had been acting strangely about a month before the shooting.

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