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News briefs

Afghan demonstrators protest U.S. shootings KABUL, Afghanistan - Angry Afghan demonstrators hurled stones at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul on Saturday to protest this week's shooting deaths of three Afghan soldiers by U.S. Marines outside the heavily guarded compound.

Carrying banners saying, "Death to America, Death to (President Hamid) Karzai," about 80 protesters marched through downtown for several hours. On a street near the embassy, they threw rocks at several passing vehicles belonging to the 5,000-strong international peacekeeping force that patrols the city, shattering windows in at least two of them.

One peacekeeper was treated at a hospital for slight wounds and then released, said Lt. Col. Paul Kolken, a Dutch spokesman for the multinational force.

"Why are Americans killing us inside our home, inside Afghanistan?" said Gul Ahmad, a 20-year-old taking part in the protest. "What about human rights? We want the killers to be handed over to the courts."

North Korea demands direct talks with U.S. SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea said Saturday it would agree to negotiations with several nations over its suspected nuclear weapons program only after one-on-one talks with the United States.

Washington says talks to defuse the growing tensions about North Korea's nuclear potential should involve several regional powers, including South Korea and Japan.

Last month, the United States and North Korea held talks with China in Beijing, but no progress was reported.

"As there are the issues to be settled between the DPRK and the U.S., the two sides are required to sit face to face for a candid discussion on each other's policies," a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said, according to North Korea's KCNA news agency. "Only then is it possible to have multilateral talks and make them more fruitful."

DPRK stands for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Food supplies run low in Aceh province BANDA ACEH, Indonesia - Soldiers guarded trucks carrying fuel and other staples into Indonesia's Aceh province Saturday as the military warned that food was running out in parts of the region.

Prices have doubled in some areas because of the dangers of traveling since Jakarta launched an offensive Monday to crush a 27-year-old separatist rebellion.

On Thursday, UNICEF warned of a "grave humanitarian crisis" in the province. It said basic health services and programs for assisting poor families and their children had collapsed.

Troops were deployed Saturday on the main roads in and out of the province, said Lt. Col. Firdaus Komarno, a military spokesman. Soldiers also were escorting trucks carrying rice and gasoline.

Troops and rebels have clashed daily since the campaign started. The military says 58 guerillas have been killed. Rebels say 12 of their fighters and 53 civilians have been killed.

Lightning injures 51 in Vietnamese house HANOI, Vietnam - Lightning struck a house in northern Vietnam, injuring 51 people who were inside watching a popular television show, an official said Saturday.

The victims, mostly students aged 8 to 17, were taken to local hospitals in Lang Son province following Thursday's incident.

Four adults suffered burns, while 10 children were treated for dizziness and headaches, said Hoang Van Thinh of the People's Committee of Binh Trung village, 105 miles northeast of Hanoi.

The village is not wired for electricity, but one house is powered by a 0.5-kilowatt power generator run by stream water. The lightning struck the generator and sent a current through the 14-inch television set that everyone was gathered around, Thinh said.

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