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    Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona recently confirmed that student loan repayments would begin again later in 2023, delivering what is likely to be a severe financial shock to borrowers who have not had to make payments for three years. This puts greater urgency on lawmakers to fix the flaws in the best idea for easing the transition: the "income-driven repayment" plan.


    A group of senior citizens were put on the agenda recently to discuss some concerns with the Treasure County Commission. We wanted to express our concerns with the current senior program which was changed in August, 2022, without consulting the director of senior programs in the county.

    Senate Bill 442 is a democratic and collaborative bill that is a shining example of what Montanans can accomplish when they work together and compromise. As I listened to one of the hearings remotely, I heard testimony from Montanans supporting a bill that would benefit habitat, veterans, an…

    Surely you can do better than putting a picture of Gov. Greg Gianforte grinning with pleasure in conjunction with an article that has him denying in-home health care to seniors. It seems in this visual age that you continually pull a file picture that is completely unrelated to the story.

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