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    We westerners should be proud and excited to have one of our own chosen as the new head of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Monica Bertagnolli from Wyoming has been named. She is at Harvard now but is a self-described "ranch girl from Wyoming." It is great to have the first woman in that…

      I am writing to show my support for Denis Pitman's write-in campaign for County Commissioner. I have worked with Commissioner Pitman on numerous projects over the past five years. While I was the coordinator of the USS Billings Commissioning Committee, Denis was the vice-chairman of the committee.

      The people of our great state employ Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) biologists to sustainably manage our wild game populations, and because these professionals routinely interact with landowners, agricultural producers, and hunters, they are ideally equipped to balance the interests …


      The current discussion surrounding MetraPark is public vs. private management. The Metra discussion should be public vs third-party management. Privatization implies a for-profit company leasing property by paying a fee to the government. In this example, the government makes money by receiv…

      The divide that exists in every corner of America has made it difficult for many to see the truth in most issues. Inflation needs no definition and has hit us all. People, one person is not responsible for this money sucking event. You can blame every elected official to a point.

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