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Grant Kier


Montana families have lives to plan, businesses to run, and work to do. We are fed up with the chaos, the endless finger-pointing, and the political games coming out of Washington, D.C. Our federal government has a fundamental duty to provide the stability that lets us live our lives and fulfill our potential, and it’s failing at that task.

For months, the House of Representatives has put off its responsibility to pass and fund a long-term budget for our federal government. Short-term budgets, unpredictable policy positions, and government shutdowns are increasingly the norm. There seems to be more interest in fighting each other than providing stability for the rest of us.

The lack of compromise coming from D.C. affects Montana directly. Voters have told me they feel the impacts in their daily lives. For example, unreliable funding that puts our community health centers at risk. These centers provide essential services in maintaining people’s basic health. Our rural and larger hospitals are suffering too. To provide quality, affordable care in the future they need to plan five to ten years in advance. Right now, they can hardly predict what will happen in a few months.

Our government’s failure to plan costs us money every single day, and keeps us from making the best choices for our future. Today’s failure to plan threatens to increase the cost and reduce the accessibility of health care. We all need to be working hard to do exactly the opposite: reducing the costs and increasing the accessibility.

I know from experience that there is more that unites than divides us in Montana. As the chief executive officer of Montana land trusts, I worked alongside family farmers and ranchers whose views differed from mine in some areas. We still treated each other with respect and found many places where our goals overlapped and where working together created immediate and lasting benefits for families, businesses, our economy, and our community. Whether our work together took months or years, we always had a shared goal and a plan on how to get there by working together.

We have too many people in Washington, D.C., who can’t tell the difference between fighting with each other and fighting for hard-working people. They care more about scoring points than finding solutions. Short-term budgets and political brinkmanship result. When Montanans really work for a better future, we come together to do it and that approach really works.

Montanans want and deserve a representative in Congress who appreciates the value of long-term stability, and who takes seriously the duty to represent every Montanan, not just one team or the other. Join me in demanding these values from our elected officials today, and plan to hold me to the same standard if I have the honor to serve you in the U.S. House.

Grant Kier, of Missoula, is a Democrat running for the U.S. House.