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Guest opinion: Daines needs to reconsider

Guest opinion: Daines needs to reconsider

Missouri senator to contest Biden's Electoral College win

President Donald Trump speaks at the White House on Nov. 5.

Dear Senator Daines,

We are dismayed and embarrassed for the state of Montana to find your name on the list of senators determined to overturn the 2020 election results.  Sir, you know better. You know the election was fair, secure, recounted, and certified by every individual state. You know Joe Biden is a decent man who has served his country well and wants to unite us. You know that our country currently faces far too many grave problems to risk engaging in this sort of political theater. This cynical act of sedition will only serve to deepen our tragic national divide and harm our state.

We the undersigned are patriotic Americans who believe in a democracy in which each vote counts, even if the outcome is individually disappointing. We believe our duly elected leaders, of which you are one, should work toward the greater good of our country and of their constituents.

Sir, we should not have to remind you that you swore an oath to protect the Constitution, not the interests of a political party. Please reconsider this folly and endorse the next fairly elected President of the United States. Please do it for America and for Montana.

Signed by:

Linda Whittlesey, Dr. Sara Alicia Scott, Carl Maurice Davis, Liz Ametsbichler, Maribeth Rothwell, Darrell Brown, Tom Graff, Jo Greathouse, Sue Toth, Joe Toth, Paula Fisher, Jim Bailey, Mark Gahagan, Will Gahagan, Ione Crummy, Karen A. Kaufmann, Steven R. Kalling, Mae Nan Ellingson, Taag Peterson Wolfson, Sharon Venema, Michael Downs, Melissa McKenzie, Stephanie McDaniels-Gilman, Robert Gilman, Douglas Hemphill, Nancy Bugbee, Janel Woodworth, R.T. Cox, Jeanne Werner, Chris Love, Diane Savage Connor, Richard Drake, Laure Pengelly Drake, Sarah Aswell, Gus Hemphill, Jeff Verlanic, Jim Burchfield, Cynthia Aten, Carol Word, Linda Tootell Thomas, Donna Haglund, Henry Cloud, Joyce L. Hocker, Ken Thompson, Clary Loisel, Diane Benjamin, Becky Goodrich, Lee Brown, Robin Brown, Mo Gary, Teresa Silverman.


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