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Sam Merrick


The Downtown Billings Alliance, comprised of the Downtown Billings Association, the Downtown Billings Partnership and the Business Improvement District, represents the interests of over 750 property owners, business owners, and service providers in beautiful downtown Billings. The DBA and its stakeholders are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to downtown and community-wide issues and a public/private partnership that ensures city, county, economic development, school district and at-large representation in the urban renewal process.

Our mission is to promote, advocate and revitalize our city center through marketing, programmatic, and infrastructure projects. We have assisted the city of Billings with the redevelopment and the revitalization of downtown Billings since 1997, and have facilitated over 275 significant projects from retail to housing to mixed-use developments that have contributed to a vibrant, economically diverse, growing city.

The Downtown Billings Alliance acknowledges and supports the hard work that has been done by elected officials, volunteers and city staff to recruit the next city administrator. We would like to call attention to the qualities, experiences and knowledge base that we feel are essential for our new city administrator to utilize. This is an important position of leadership that should also enable a continued successful public-private partnership with the DBA and execution of its mission.

1. Ability to recognize and support established and productive existing collaborations.

2. Ability to listen closely and provide feedback.

3. Strong familiarity with the Montana Urban Renewal Laws.

4. Ability to closely analyze and seize opportunities to move our city forward.

5. Desire to thoughtfully manage and grow our city, with a knowledge of infill development.

6. Strong leader and advocate for the city of Billings at the local, state, regional and national levels.

7. Understanding of what it takes to retain and attract young professional talent.

8. Willingness to keep the office door open to anyone with an idea or concern.

As in the past, the DBA stands ready and is eager to work with the new city administrator.

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Sam Merrick chairs the Downtown Billings Alliance Advocacy Committee.