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David Darby is simply wrong (Oct. 29 guest opinion). I too have seen the Ox-Bow Incident and the relevant metaphor from the movie is not what Darby claims. The true connection with today’s events is the bloodthirsty mob (today’s Democrats) who were determined to avenge their murdered rancher friend (the hapless American public who were duped into voting for candidate Trump) and bring the criminals (the illegitimate President Trump) to justice. The only problem is that the three men in the movie who appeared to have committed the crime were innocent and the bloodthirsty mob themselves committed murder by ignoring the constitutional mandates of due process and the presumption of innocence.

Just like the Washington Democrats, Darby claims that “President Trump has clearly done seriously improper things” like lie, use his office to enrich himself and use his presidential powers to disgrace a political opponent. Specifically, Mr. Darby mentions that the Mueller Report “found that he (Trump) obstructed justice.” OK, if he did, why is he not being prosecuted right now? No one (not even the president of the United States) is above the law and justice must reign for the good of all. That is just my opinion, of course.

The column also mentions President Trump’s contempt for Congress as being a bad thing. It seems to me that — with congressional job approval ratings hovering around 11% (is it really that high?) — many millions of Americans agree with him. And, no, the recent congressional impeachment shenanigans do not represent the constitutional oversight envisioned by the Founders.

I believe President Trump was simply doing his job of protecting American interests when he requested that the Ukrainian president resume the investigation into corruption. His intent was not a political hit job as alleged by the Democrat mob (I mean “party”).

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My reasoning is simply that we are helping the Ukrainian people with sizable chunks of financial aid and we want it used as intended; not wasted on corrupt favors. Considerable evidence exists of favor peddling within Ukraine and President Trump was merely informing President Zelenski – in friendly terms – that removing corruption and wasteful bureaucracy was a high priority for him. I expect such diligence from my president.

Like most of the GOP, I do not believe President Trump is a saint. But, he is the perfect man for the job right now simply because he is determined to stand up against the shear nonsense being imposed on America by the Democrat mob (and their cronies in the media, tech, Hollywood, and the academy) and by not allowing them to destroy our Constitution and country.

Perhaps a future column could explain why so many Democrat candidates for president advocate for failed socialist policies (many times proven) and even for a move toward a social democratic form of government for America. Do they really want America to look like Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Communist China, the Soviet Union, and all those dismal countries formerly behind the Iron Curtain?

It seems to me that the Ox-Bow mob would be winning again, if not for Donald J. Trump. Just like the good guys in the movie, I stand with President Trump against the mob.

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Patrick J. Hoy lives in Billings. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran who started a business advising businesses on how to respond to active shooters.


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Opinion editor for The Billings Gazette.