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John Heenan


Next year, Montanans will have a choice.

Will we stick with a person in the U.S. House who votes to take away the health care of hundreds of thousands of Montanans without having a viable alternative? Are we going to trust a person who supports legislation that undermines our access to public lands and waterways for fishing, hunting and recreation? Is it OK for us to be represented by a person who supports massive tax cuts for corporations and for ultra-wealthy Americans, including himself?

I never intended to run for elected office. My work and my life are dedicated to my wife Meagen, to our four children, and to my clients, whom I serve as a consumer protection attorney. When I’m not running the kids to and from school and their various activities, I’m working hard to stand up to bullies and corporations who have lied, cheated and stolen from my clients — from the widow whose insurance company tries to trick her rather than pay the benefits it owes, to the teacher who does everything the bank told her only to suddenly find her family facing foreclosure, and the farmer who can’t get the big out-of-state energy company to live up to its contract.

In hundreds of cases, I have stood up and fought for the “underdog” – victims of corporate greed and over-reach. Powerful companies have thought they could get away with bullying tactics and focus only on their own profit motives. I have had the pleasure of putting these companies before Montana juries who know a thing or two about personal accountability and the difference between right and wrong.

When Greg Gianforte body slammed a reporter in response to a question about his position on access to health care, I joined millions of Americans and all Montanans who were deeply offended and shocked with his violence. Equally offensive were his efforts to lie to all of us about what occurred.

In this election, Montana voters get to serve as the jury. That means voters will decide whether they are brave enough to stand up, be counted, and impose accountability on a politician who will never understand that concept on his own.

In contrast to our current representative, I will fight for you and your family every day. You deserve access to high-quality, affordable health care without regard to the interests of insurance companies, drug companies and their well-heeled corporate lobbyists. You deserve a strong public education system that is not undermined by efforts to take your tax dollars and spend them on private schools for the wealthy who can afford to pay their own way. You deserve a tax policy that helps expand and grow our job opportunities, strengthens our economy, and looks to save you money — not save money for those who benefit by so many tax-dodging loopholes already. You deserve a representative who will stand up to dark money special interests, not support it.

The Montana we all know and love is at great risk. We must turn our backs on the bickering and partisanship perpetrated by the national political parties and look forward to a positive future. We all know that Washington is broken, and that neither party has the market cornered on ethical behavior or competence.

If you choose me, I will make you proud. I will listen to you and take strong action on your behalf. It will be an honor to fight for all of you and your families. Just as I am for my clients, I am excited to fight for you, for your family, and for all Montanans.

John Heenan, of Billings, is a Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives.