1. I have always considered that public safety should certainly be the number one priority of every person on the City Council. If elected I will endeavor to do everything within my power to ensure that priority.

2. Public safety, more specifically our fire and police department budgets are underfunded. Currently, reserve funds from the city budget are being used to balance those department budgets. It is imperative that the Billings City Council make every effort to educate our citizens concerning the importance of passing another safety mill levy in order to ensure the adequate financing of these two departments.

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3. Billings is singularly fortunate to enjoy a diverse system of beautiful parks and a myriad of walking and bike trails throughout our wonderful city. Recently, Billings TrailNet and our Public Works Department suggested that $2 a month be assessed on all city utility bills in order to help fund our parks and trail system. It would be a voluntary assessment similar to State Parks funding. I would certainly support such an assessment and work hard toward its realization.

4. City government should always be cognizant of any development taking place within its boundaries. Currently, the city does assist with some economic development, for example, the creation of TIF districts which assist in stimulating development within those specific areas. However, the council must remain extremely prudent and cautious in regard to the use of taxpayer dollars mixing with private investment. There may be times when the input of public monies might make sense, but those developments must be meticulously vetted.

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Opinion editor for The Billings Gazette.