1. As I've talked to residents, I found most important to them is that they live in a community where they can enjoy the place they live, work and play. With that in mind, there are several important issues in Ward 2. The safety of our children to and from school is very important. I, along with other council members, am working to find safe routes and traffic control measures that will increase safety around schools. It is also important to ensure the Inner Belt Loop (IBL) is completed. The additional connection to the city with the IBL allows additional emergency access and will open up more commerce opportunities in the Heights. The Heights have some great parks that have only been partially developed. It is important to work with the city to find a funding source to finish the development and improvements of our current parks to make the Heights and even better place to live. Soon the Billings Bypass will connect the freeway to the Heights and bring some major changes. It is important that we have a good development plan in place before the connection is completed. I've already asked and will continue to follow up on the study that is being done for this area and how it will impact the Heights. There are so many other important issues such as Re-Code, two other major transportation projects for Main Street, the budget shortfall with public safety and much more. If elected I will continue to keep these issues in front of city staff and other council members. I will continue to review every issue that comes before me, research, ask questions, and advocate for residents on the projects that will impact their lifestyle so they can become involved in the process and solutions.

2. The City Council should ask the city staff to continue to look for ways to decrease cost and increase efficiencies, increase revenue sources for services rendered and the creation of other safety district funding as allowed by state laws. The council will likely need to seek an additional public safety mill levy from the residents to fund public safety services.

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3. One of my priories is to see more funds from the Parks District levy (PD1) and other sources invested into the Heights' parks to benefit people for all ages and mobility. I would like to see the trails in the Heights have better connectivity to other trails with a well marked trail system and that is safe for travel. I will continue to work with other council members, the parks department and city staff to advocate for investment to be prioritized to the Heights parks.

4. The local city government can promote economic development by creating an environment where business and employees can thrive. Where business can find ease of entry and residents will find security of investing in their community. This includes providing quality public utilities and roadways for a safe and healthy community.

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