Frederick Wilburn, Ward 5 candidate


1. The Completion of Centennial Park. The Completion of The Water Treatment Center. The completion of the West End Water Reservoir, and the maintenance of Ward 5 Parks and recreational assets. If elected, I intend on applying pressure, and effective stewardship until these projects are finished.

2 . Legally the city can utilize the option of using the reserve to help balance the budget. The problem with this is its effectively using your saving account without a mechanism to replenish the savings account. Setting the city on a course of deficits, and defaulted obligations in the very near future. Remodeling an antiquated financial structure is imperative. This would allow the city to modernize. Leveraging private investment, a growing tourism industry, federal grants, and other possible entities like a Local Improvement District Fund, which is designed to give businesses owners more say in the taxing and spending of funds to their specific areas. The city's operating revenue has to diversify to maintain a base level necessary to meet the service demands of our citizens in the future.

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3 . Our parks, trails and public lands have always been a huge component in the DNA of what makes our city unique. Working to maintain and develop better effective mechanism to preserve recreational assets is a obligation every council person undertakes when being elected to the position. Developing future avenues like a new Billings neighborhood parks, and trails plan that includes a rigorous system to prioritize capital investment and large rehabilitation projects for neighborhood parks, and current and future trails. The more attention the park needs, the higher a priority it will be for the city.

4 . City Government's most crucial roll in promoting economic development is helping to set a entrepreneurial environment, so citizens can build and maintain a world-class infrastructure (roads, public safety, and schools), healthy living climate (parks and trails), diversified municipal financial structure, and a consistent stable vision. These are the foundations of a functioning local economy.

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