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Letter to the editor: Trump threatens national security

Letter to the editor: Trump threatens national security


President Trump’s failure to bring security briefings to President-elect Joe Biden may be the most serious blunder so far.

It is in his best interest to concede at this point if he wants to remain active in American politics. But he could invite Biden to the security briefings without giving up his frivolous claims to election fraud. When it was genuinely close in 2000, President Clinton invited both the Republican and the Democratic candidates to the security briefings until the Supreme Court decided the election.

The harm is serious. Susan Rice, national security adviser to the Obama administration, said failure to share with the president elect information on possible planned attacks on our embassies or Russian bounties on American soldiers or Iran and North Korean provocations, “could cost us dearly in terms of American lives.”

Also, if our unpredictable president is planning a final exercise of his power, such as an invasion of Iran, it would be harder to disguise and keep secret if he were sharing security information as he is required to do. In view of his recent firing of Defense Secretary Mark Esper who does not want a war with Iran, this is a genuine possibility.

This is very dangerous. If it is just to assuage the president’s ego or vanity, it is even worse. Why are so many Republicans afraid to speak out on this issue? Are they putting fear of Trump ahead of our national security and the lives of Americans?

Thomas E. Towe



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