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Letter to the Editor: Covid-19 vaccine is expiremental

Letter to the Editor: Covid-19 vaccine is expiremental


It’s been about a year since we started getting inundated with Covid-19 information and things are as clear as mud. According to the CDC, Covid-19 is the third leading cause of deaths in the U.S. Unfortunately, 497,415 people have died. Sadly, 659,041 people died from heart disease and 599,601 from cancer. Yet, no one shut our country down, ruined our economy, and shattered our free and fair elections for No. 1 and No. 2 leading causes of U.S. deaths totaling 1,258,642 souls. The survival rate for Covid-19 is 99% for people 69 years and younger, 95% for 70+. People have a higher chance of getting into a car accident than dying from Covid-19. Manufactures claim that the experimental Covid-19 vaccines, for which we do not know the ingredients, are between 70-95% effective. Historically, vaccine manufacturers overstate the efficacy of vaccines. The flu vaccine is about 30% effective. The experimental Covid-19 vaccines have been around for only 6 months, and are 100 times more related to death than the flu vaccine (VAERS). There’s no proof the experimental vaccines stop transmission or prevent you from getting Covid-19. Vaccinated people may now have a higher risk (20-30%) of getting Covid-19 due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement and dying. Doctors are not at all clear about the vaccine side effects: death, infections, neurological diseases, infertility. These untested vaccines become experimental when vaccinated people become subjects in medical trial. All other corona virus vaccines have failed because the test animals were dying. Please consult with your doctor before getting a vaccine.

Sabina Strauss



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