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Letter to the editor: Daines a coward

Letter to the editor: Daines a coward


The Republicans in the Senate, especially Sen. Steve Daines, who voted to acquit Trump are cowards, terrified of Trump’s mob. Anyone supporting the criminal who incited the Capitol insurrection is a coward too. After all, if they convict him, they have to account for their own complicity. Whether they are elected officials or voters, they went along with the Faustian bargain the GOP made with the devil. Cowards. Either that or evil. They're addicted to entertainment, but the show has become deadly. Now you're encouraging a fascist uprising, more violence and death. How can you live with yourselves?

This is America, not Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany. We do not foment violence to overturn an election. We don’t beat up the opposition. There’s a huge difference between folks protesting 400 years of violent oppression, and a narcissistic liar trying to stay in power to avoid prosecution. Come on. Don’t suffer fascists, fools, or fakes.

Rod Stoick



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