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Letter to the editor: What's wrong with compromise?
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Letter to the editor: What's wrong with compromise?


Although many in our country have adopted a posture of uncompromising rigidity, the true genius of our system lies in the give and take of compromise. It works marvelously in other relationships — why not governance?

I have typically voted Republican but not always and less so lately. There was a time when you could be Republican by merely favoring lower taxes and less government. That is, I believe, the essence of conservatism. But, as a conservative, I also recognize that climate change isn’t a hoax, reasonable gun legislation isn’t an attack on Second Amendment rights, pro-life should entail much more than being anti-abortion, family values don’t stop at our borders, and access to affordable health care should be a national priority.

Neither party has all the answers, and the solutions shouldn't be “all or nothing.” Gerrymandering has resulted in extremism on both sides because there’s no need to appeal to voters in the middle. But the best answers are found in the middle.

Most Democrats aren’t socialists or unpatriotic and most Republicans aren’t uncaring or unenlightened. Prior to the election, we created a sign for our yard that read “We Choose Science, Truth and Decency.” If that sounds political, which of those words is partisan? A passerby nodded to the sign and commented: “I see you’re a Democrat.” No, I am now an Independent and vote for the candidates exhibiting character traits that embrace those three simple words.

Dave Rigg



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