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It would be interesting if the wishes of far-left Democrats could be granted.

Let’s abolish the Electoral College and let the six largest cities in the country rule with their masses and political corruption — a Montanan’s vote would mean nothing. Why not mandate that corporate profits be divided equally among workers and stockholders and raise taxes to 70 percent. Higher education should be free. All health care should be free. By all means laws should guarantee that all political or public offices should be filled in order to ensure racial and gender balance and the ability to do the job should not be considered first.

If you live in an area that is prospering, then housing should be subsidized as well as cell phones and even drinks, as all would like to get smashed on an equal basis.

And by all means, public welfare be darned, do not let the president build that wall for if he does he will be the most successful president in our history in relation to “promises made and promises kept!” What do we care if our graduates face the best job market in history. Stop the sucker!

Oh, I forgot — seats along all streets should be free so that we may watch as students and workers, burn and pillage because corporate profits are too low to pay guaranteed yearly raises and bonuses.

Thomas L. Hunter


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