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I am Trump’s age, politically independent, veteran, self-employed. I have been trying to understand why people support this president. “Family Values” Christians support a man who has been married three times, cheated on all his wives, and bragged about it? He talks a lot about “the least of these,” but nothing in his behavior past or present that suggests any real compassion for the less fortunate.

I am into forgiveness like most Christians, but Trump appears to express no need for penance. Women? Trump = Weinstein; need I say more? Veterans? Trump was a rich draft dodger during the Vietnam War, and now is in favor of any war he doesn’t have to fight in.

The Republican Party? Flake and McCain are pretty much outliers in a party of moral cowards who are basically selling their souls to the devil in order to pass legislation.

Supporters seem unconcerned, or at worst rabidly supportive, of a president who lies, bullies and seems disdainful or dismissive of the basic policies and processes of American government. He has “drained the swamp,” and re-filled it with lobbyists, political hacks, and investment bankers. Most of the “fake news” filling the airwaves is from Trump’s propaganda machine.

Let’s face it. A man who is basically amoral, egotistical to a fault, and not particularly adept at governance or appreciative of democratic values, makes a great king, but a lousy president. Is this really what the people want? King Donald the First?

Will Lynn