My sister arrived back from a trip today and went to her car she had parked in the airport long-term parking. She was absolutely heartbroken to see a long gash all the way down the driver’s side of her brand new leased car! She asked security to see the tapes to try and determine who did this in an attempt to get their insurance to pay for the damage. She was told that they have no cameras in long-term parking. I guess it is “park at your own risk,” but that is not acceptable in this day and age of terrorists and mass shooters. What is to stop someone from parking there, perhaps with a vehicle full of weapons or God forbid, a bomb?

I was under the impression that since 9/11 our airports had extra security, including cameras everywhere and security guards. Is this just in the building itself? There is no protection for you or your vehicle in long-term parking lot?

Let’s face it, our world is full of people with bad intent. I am now scared to death that one of those very people could park in that lot in a van, camp out for a long-term, and do some seriously bad damage. Anyone remember Timothy McVeigh renting a van, parking in front of a federal building with a bomb? Do we need a repeat of that here at our airport? Get some security in long-term parking please!

Diane Mattheis


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