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I recently asked an American of Japanese descent if the Japanese in Hawaii, after Pearl Harbor, were interned like those on the mainland. His answer surprised me.

“They built a small camp, but then they gave up. Too many slant eyes to tell us apart.” Those edgy, bitter words are his, not mine.

Japanese internment was America’s shame. But racism in America lives on. We’ve just elected another scapegoat.

Are you sick of no manufacturing jobs, low wages, expensive medical care, groceries going up every time you shop? By all means, blame those illegal aliens, those brown-skinned Spanish speakers. Anyone “suspicious” can be stopped by ICE, even here in Montana.

I’m not advocating open borders again. 9/11 ended that. We do need to update our immigration laws, but all law, as well as enforcement, needs to be tempered with respect and kindness. And racial profiling is not the answer.

If you’re a pale face, you may think that you’re safe, but don’t bet the ranch. Hitler got around just that issue by requiring all Jews to wear a yellow star. Modern technology allows any government to target whomever they wish. We always reap what we sow, one way or another. Chew on that.

Sharie Pyke


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