The American people elected each and every politician for one term — one! And, they never gave any one-term politician, either individually or collectively, dictatorial power. The politicians took the power in the guise of the progressive tax. They tell voters at election time that the voters are the boss, and then the rest of the year they work with a system that reflects that they’re the de facto bosses. The progressive tax is a system based on power, not principle, where the lawmaker has the power. The lawmaker can make almost any private spending deductible, and give it the air of legitimacy by equating the deductibility with business expenses.

Republicans generally have crony capitalists in the oil, coal and mining industries. Democrats generally have crony capitalists in the solar, wind-generating, and geothermal power industries. Politicians never think outside of the box because they built the box and they’re in charge of the box and they’ll never think of an answer that isn’t, first, in their hands. And, they certainly won’t think of solutions where their box is thrown in a dumpster.

If the government wants to substitute its judgment for the free market’s or business’ judgment, then the government should pay the associated taxes, and discipline or cut their own spending.

The greatest legacy this generation could leave the next generation is a country with no de facto bosses other than the American people. Americans need a tax system that reflects that they are the boss 24/7 every day of every year.

Jack Mackenzie


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