It is not that the Russians are meddling in our elections! They are likely laughing that that is our focus while their latest plan is working great!

Truth is that the Russians are trying to cause so much discord, so much distrust, so much division that they can prove democracy and capitalism does not work. The Cold War is still going strong. The Communist plan of "divide and conquer" is working exactly how they want it to work. Others want the world to see democracy is not the right way.

The plan to destroy democracy from within will work if we do not wake up. They could care less who is president as long as half of the Americans are totally against the other half of Americans.

And, today, they must be loving our political and cooperative mess.

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Wake up, citizens. Wake up, media. Quit enlarging the divide. A mostly united United States that has good, respectful debates, good respect for each other regardless of differences, cannot be defeated. If we are united in courage, cooperation, united in goals of world peace, courageous, then we will not perish. The only real danger is rotting from within. Let’s get to work cleaning our wounds so the infection of division and hate does not bring death to America. Each of us has the individual responsibility to stop the current disease.

Tony Seitz


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