Anyone can be president.

Yes, kiddies, just like Mommy and Daddy said, you can grow up to be president! In fact, you don’t even have to grow up that much. You can stop paying attention to that stupid school stuff in maybe sixth grade, and you don’t have to even act grownup like big people. You see, as president you can say and do really dumb things and nobody will do anything to you and some people will think you are great. Even better, you don’t have to tell the truth or be nice to other people. In fact, you can act like a big bully; and you don’t ever have to fight because you can run away whenever the other guy is too scary. Yeah, but to be president you’re also going to have get a lot of money and be famous for something, even something bad. Oh, and you will need to join a political party that thinks you’re cool, doesn’t care about the bad stuff you do, and lets you do anything as long as you do some stuff for them.

If you are a girl, it will be harder to become president, because some people think girls should let boys run things. A girl will probably have to be real smart and not let anyone know that. Anyway, thanks President Trump for lowering the bar so that every kid has a chance to be president, or maybe even better yet, a king!

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Will Lynn


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