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I write as an attorney to express support for Juli Pierce for District Court Judge. Pierce was a very successful prosecutor for 13 years for Yellowstone County. Every day she made tough decisions that she based upon the law, the evidence and fairness. She will make a great judge who will concentrate on law and order.

I also think it is telling how much support she has from the legal community. She is supported by Judge Gregory Todd, Judge Rod Souza, Judge Mike Moses, Judge Jessica Fehr, Judge Don Harris, and Judge Mary Jane Knisely, all of whom are judges in Yellowstone County; and many local attorneys, including Dan Schwarz; Ed Zink; Christopher Morris; Laura Watson; Ben Halverson; Ingrid Rosenquist; Julie Patten; Ann-Marie McKittrick; Vicke Callender; Zach Patten-Ferreira; Brett Linneweber; Sarah Hyde; Paul Vestal; Morgan Dake; Heather Sather; Tim Filz; Shane Colton; Damon Gannett; Ben Sather; Duncan Peete; Bryan Kautz; Jim Edmiston; John Christensen; Julie Mees; Jacob Yerger; Michael Ellinghouse; Paul Adam; AJ Miller; Pam Bailey; Gary Connelley; Teague Westrope; Renee Coppock; Molly Rose Fehringer; Joel Thompson; Tom Smith; Corbit Harrington; Judy Williams; Tucker Gannett; Chris Sweeney; Amanda Tiernan; Russ Plath; Doug James; Jeff Sorenson; Patience Llewellyn; Anne-Marie Simeon; Brooke Baracker-Taylor; Jaclyn Laferriere; Melinda Driscoll; Emily Adam; Tanis Holm; Angus Fulton; Allen Karell; Pamela Garman; Hayley Kemmick and Bruce Fain.

Please vote for Juli Pierce. She is a proven attorney who offers real experience and real skills, not just empty platitudes or appeals to partisan rhetoric.

Gerry Fagan


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