"Santa Paws" holds Penny, Harley and Odie at a recent fundraiser for Billings Animal Rescue Kare. Penny and Harley are rescues adopted through BARK, one of Billings' nonprofit organizations that rely on local volunteers and donations.

BARK is an all-volunteer animal rehoming center. As the caretakers at BARK we have the honor of saying thank you to our community because you care.

Most of the animals arrive sick, or broken, wormy and mangy. All of them leave healthy, mended, and parasite free. Some are very old and some are very young. Some come because their owners can no longer care for them, some are no longer wanted, some never had a home, and some were abandoned on streets and country roads. All came in need of human kindness.

Your love and compassion for the cats, kittens, dogs and puppies helped us save 503 adult cats, kittens, adult dogs, and puppies throughout 2019. Your generosity has paid for vetting, keeping the lights on, the rent paid, the water hot, and gave the critters a safe place to heal and find the ones who love them best.

You provided towels, sheets, bleach and so many other items needed to not only provide them with clean and safe housing but medicines needed to help them heal.

We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. The critters can’t say thank you but if you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet a rescued critter you can see their appreciation for the second chance you gave them.

Sandy Price, director


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