Reading the reports of Attorney General Barr’s testimony in the Senate this morning, I realized how close we’re getting to losing our democracy. According to Barr, if the president believes the charges against him to be false, he has a right to curtail the corresponding investigation. This means that unlike the rest of us, the president gets to be his own judge and jury. I, personally, can’t imagine any president, especially the current one, not thinking that the charges against him are false! In other words, he can only be investigated if he’s confessed. What comes next? If he doesn’t like the way a newspaper is reporting on him he can shut it down? If he doesn’t like the results of an election, he can declare it invalid? We’ve already seen those tendencies in the current occupant.

Meanwhile, the Republican members of the panel seemed to be perfectly OK with this line of reasoning. Apparently, democracy and accountability are over-rated, in their opinion. After all, the wrong kinds of people are allowed to vote and they vote the wrong way.

Phillip Parker


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