In reply to John Reid’s letter (The Billings Gazette, July 28, 2019):

I am a 77-year-old Christian Jew and strongly disagree with all you said except the scripture you quoted which certainly describes the present condition of this world and popular culture.

Putin had nothing to do with my vote and I don't even have Fox News channel on my TV. I politically identify as Independent and have no loyalty to a party itself. Too, I have studied Hitler’s rise to power.

Your comparison of Trump to Hitler is specious and deceptive. Hitler espoused disarming the people, abortion, and all the freebies of socialism just as a great many of the Democrats are doing now.

Everything reported about Trump emphasizes the negative and ignores anything positive, nitpicks every word and uses it out of context, tears him down on every issue and ignores what the leftists are saying and doing.

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Perhaps before judging Trump, you should study the apostle Paul (Saul of Tarsus) and Christ’s redemption of him and others that He has used to proclaim His word. I personally have a very ugly past, but thanks to the blood of Jesus I now have a new life and a glorious future with Him. Should not all people, even Trump, be afforded this?

Please, sir, check facts, study God's word, search your heart and pray for direction. Yes, Satan is alive and doing his job very well. But God is alive and He is the light and the way.

Sharon Love


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