It seems that everyone in Montana except Corey Stapleton knows that he is unqualified to fill any elected position. Stapleton seems either incompetent, corrupt, or possibly both. Stapleton has done damage during the short time he has been in the office of secretary of state. He openly violates the law requiring he live in Helena. He improperly uses a state-owned vehicle and fuel to go home frequently. He claimed less than 0.1% error in voting was proof of massive voter fraud. He awards contracts to friends, etc.

What Montana needs is a person working to make voting accessible, fair, transparent, and secure, a person who wants to keep public lands in public hands — a person like Bryce Bennett. Bryce will work to keep dark money out of Montana, to improve voting equipment state wide, to improve the voting experience and to prevent hacking of our elections, to make all functions of the secretary of state's office easily accessible and user friendly.

What Montana doesn't need is a secretary of state who proposed to give $8 million of Montana's tax dollars to build a wall in Arizona — a person like Scott Sales.

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Vote Bryce Bennett for secretary of state.

C. Burt Caldwell


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