There are two Republicans in the primary for attorney general, but there’s only one pro-life option. Anyone who wants a fierce advocate with real pro-life credentials should support Jon Bennion.

With Jon’s support, his wife co-founded and ran Helena’s first pro-life pregnancy clinic offering ultrasounds for pregnant mothers. We know more women choose life when they see and hear their baby’s heartbeat.

In stark contrast, when Bennion’s opponent Austin Knudsen was in the Legislature, he joined liberal Democrats to kill a bill requiring an ultrasound before an abortion. What’s more, Knudsen never introduced a pro-life bill.

The fact is, Knudsen has shown that he isn’t a reliable supporter of pro-life causes.

In his personal life and professional roles, Bennion is a voice for the most vulnerable. As Chief Deputy to Montana’s Attorney General, Bennion defended pro-life laws in court. He has pledged to fight back against liberal attempts to regulate pro-life pregnancy clinics out of existence like other states have tried to do.

Since 2013, Montana has been blessed with an attorney general who protects life. Let’s elect Jon Bennion so we continue to have a fierce pro-life advocate as attorney general.

Moe and Lola Wosepka


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