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Wyoming Promise wants to ensure that real people — not money, not corporations, not special interests — govern Wyoming and the United States. The problem is that even though there are limits on people giving directly to candidates, there are no limits to the amount of money that corporations, unions, and wealthy individuals can give to Super PACs or 501c4 groups, which do not have to disclose their donors. These groups are having significant influence on our elections and public opinion. The public deserves to know who is funding these groups so they can judge the information accordingly.

A recent example involves negative attack fliers sent out to thousands of Wyomingites from a Sheridan address that opposes one candidate and seems to have been sent out by the opponents’ campaign, although they claim they had no part in these fliers. The Colorado-based group, Citizens Protecting our Constitution, used their return address without permission. Citizens Protecting our Constitution “does not disclose its donors and has been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars influencing elections in Colorado, Michigan and Wyoming.” This kind of shady outside money influencing our state’s elections is a perfect example of why we need to support the goal of Wyoming Promise. We hope everyone reads the entire Wyoming Promise Initiative which can be found at and then sign the petition.

There are bound to be more attack ads and mailers as Election Day nears from these outside groups. As voters, we need to be vigilant.

Kris Korfanta

Ranchester, Wyoming