Rep. Wylie Galt's HJ18 amounts to an all-out slaughter of our public elk. It should be called the “Galt Family Protection Act” or the “Galt Family Welfare Plan.” Wylie is part of the very same Galt family that were the very first folks to sue the state of Montana regarding our most “public friendly” stream access.

The resolution makes elk shoulder seasons permanent, includes extra cow elk tags, allows for party hunting and extends these late hunts to public land. It’s insulting to all Montanans who value wildlife, and our longstanding ways of ethical hunting.

But what’s worse is Rep. Galt himself admitted in the hearing that his family outfits during the regular rifle season, then allow some hunters on afterward once they’re done selling trophy bulls. Even late, he said they work to make sure they don’t drive the elk off their ranch.

This resolution and the bill along with it, HB497, will make these hunts the new norm in Montana. It’s the end of regular hunting opportunity for Montanans, and your Legislature is sailing these bills through.

As a lifelong Republican, how come this party seems only to care about dollars and little about the average Montanan (American)?

Tim Vicars


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