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When you hear the words “massive tax cut” and “middle class miracle” at the beginning of a speech, your suspicions should be raised. A tax cut, or better yet, tax reform isn’t something you need to sell with catch phrases or alliteration because everyone wants it. So my guess is that there are a few devils in those details that they don’t want you to know.

First of all, massive isn’t a word that applies to Montanans in this case. We make less than the average American family so we pay less in taxes. So only the wealthiest among us have a chance for the massive part of this plan. And because we make less than that average American family, not many of us are in the middle class, so we’re going to miss out on the miracle also. So what are we getting? It sounds to me like we are being sold a bill of goods.

The devil in those details is that this is nothing more than a “massive tax cut” for corporations and the wealthy that it isn’t really paid for. The administration is going to use “dynamic scoring” to project large economic growth to pay for this tax cut. But we Montanans need look no further than our own legislature for one of those rosy economic growth scenarios. It is called a deficit. We need to stand up for our conservative principles and tell our congressmen no tax cuts that aren’t paid for by eliminating specials interest deductions or loopholes and spending cuts.

Art Foeste