Congratulations to Missoula and their city council; the Missoula Riverfront Triangle events center is something to be proud of. Their vision is refreshing, stylish, flexible, artistic, and matches well with their natural surroundings. It is enjoyable to look at, and even its basics have a welcoming aura which reflects diversity. It is refreshing to know there are councils with true insight into what today's citizens want.

Compared to our Billings white elephant, One Big Sky isn't even in the same league. We are stuck with an overgrown strip mall that looks like first-graders built it using Lego blocks. Four square-block buildings butted up against each other reflects B-Towns vision: basic, bland and boring. Our council bought into some unknown easterner off the bus selling his 21st century "snake oil", with promises of riches and legacies. He couldn't sell his ideas back east close to his other debacles, but knew there are suckers found everywhere. And the natural surroundings of our monstrosity? In the middle of "drunken transient central."

Compare pictures of these centers and decide where you would want your event held. Which has more foresight and warm presence? I wouldn't think twice driving five hours to Missoula's before ever stepping foot into ours. But we can now joyously add another B to our namesake — boondoggle. Not all is doom and gloom. Rumor is our new airport will feature larger bathroom stalls and a food court. I can only imagine the thousands flying here hoping to experience those.

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Terry Nilson


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