There is a man lying on a cold table uptown in one of the funeral homes, bones broken, skull fractured. The news said it was a motorcycle accident with an alleged red light runner at the intersection of Sixth Avenue North and 36th Street. Not too long ago there was a women walking on 32nd Street West and she was hit and killed by a motorist, a young women in her 30's. How many more people have to die in this city before we see some enforcement of the traffic laws?

You can drive from midtown to the West End or midtown to the Heights and you can see at least three or more red light runners — not yellow, but red. Yesterday I picked up my granddaughter from the Heights and coming down by the Metra at Fourth Avenue North and Main Street, I stopped at a red light and a white pickup and a blue car both blew through the light that was red. One of the city's finest sitting at Fourth Avenue North with his right turn signal on had to have seen them, but did nothing.

Again, not long ago there was another death out on King Avenue West. I have many times gone with my wife to shop. She drives the speed limit, but I can't count the times she’s almost been hit because most drive 50 mph out there.

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Please, mayor, City Council, police chief: Make Billings safer. Start enforcing the laws.

Rich Edwards


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