What in the Sam Hill is going on with local politics these days? I am referring specifically to the paid partisan political advertisement in today’s Billings Gazette (Nov. 2). The Montana Republican State Central Committee has a paid endorsement for five candidates running for our city council. The city council, by ordinance, is a nonpartisan body. It is nonpartisan to help us come together as a community to find common ground for the betterment of our city, neighborhoods, and the like. I have yet to see a Republican pothole, a Democratic traffic jam or a socialist boulder breaking off the Rims.

If stopping the socialist take-over of our city is the only thing these candidates can offer, then I urge their respective electors to consider this when placing their votes. As for myself, I am going to vote for the candidate who will try to overcome the divisiveness in our current political dialog so that we may solve the common problems facing our city today and in the future. Billings is too great of a home to mess it up with this insipid partisan nonsense.

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Mike Conaway


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