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Over the past weeks, the Billings police force has taken a lot of bad publicity for the action of a few men, while the vast majority live up to very high professional and moral standards.

We are blessed with what I believe is the best police force in Montana. Their excellence was illustrated to me very vividly when my car was recently stolen. I called 911 to report the theft, in less than five minutes, two officers were at the scene. They were professional and while handling the situation, took immediate action. Before the interview had ended, they informed me that the vehicle had been located and was being followed. One hour later, they called, told me the thief had been arrested and I could pick up my car.

I have been told repeatedly by my son, former Judge Russ Fagg, of the high regard he had for the standards and ethics the Billings police force. I can certainly see why he holds them in such a high esteem.

My hat is off to the four officers that assisted me, and the Billings police force in general.

Harrison Fagg