Kudos to Brian Gouldsberry's comments in The Gazette (Sunday letter). When the city leaders need reserve funds to pay the bills and they continue to plan more parks and trails (an amphitheater at Coulson Park, really?) and many still desire a non-profitable Big Sky Complex.

How many times does the USS Billings have to be christened which cost the taxpayers for the Florida trip? Wasn't Mrs. Tester's champagne christening enough? The ship has the right name because whoever is steering drives like many Billings drivers.

These special interest groups who use the dog parks need to pay an annual fee whereby a card can be swiped at the gate.

The Alberta Bair is another city-owned facility that needs to be self-sufficient.

Every two years our homes are assessed and taxes increased. Where are these dollars spent? The city keeps adding line items to our other charges; I have two park line charges here and the city's plan is to move the remaining park dollars here (which aren't legally deductible on state and federal taxes). Will the General Fund be reduced by these dollars? We seniors have to budget dollars and the city needs to, also. Many of us saved so we could enjoy retirement and still maintain our homes and vehicles. The last of the Baby Boomers are 55 and the majority are frugal; this nonsense of developing many new parks at once is nonsense and needs to cease.

Audrey Wollan


Editor's note: The expenses of the recent USS Billings commissioning celebration in Florida were covered mostly by private fundraising, but the Billings City Council allocated $30,000 in city funds.

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