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The ELD (electronic logging device) mandate passed in 2012 is just now going into effect and it is hurting Montana truckers, making the roads less safe, and lining the pockets of corporations that pushed it through D.C. I grew up on a farm in Valley County and have trucked across the Hi-line, throughout Eastern Montana the Dakotas through Wyoming and across the country. I can tell you if you go to any truck stop in the nation, you will hear operators like myself tell stories of how ELDs are ruining their livelihoods.

Passed under the phony claim that they will make our roads safer, ELDs in many cases make our highways less safe by limiting flexibility in our schedule, which leads to lost time, lost money, or unsafe decisions. This is affecting truck drivers and folks who do direct business with the transportation industry right now and will soon spread to every single sector of the economy. Jon Tester is to blame. He sided with the D.C. party bosses and Obama and against Montana Truck Drivers. Only a small handful of senators,  including Mike Lee and Rand Paul, voted against big government surveillance of our trucks. Matt Rosendale will support truckers, so we need to stand up and send Matt Rosendale to fight the lobbyists back in Washington.

Russell Schmitt