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Hi, everyone. I am a scout of Troop 23 in Billings, Montana. One of our many merit badges requires us to write to the editor of our local newspaper about a subject of our choice (preferably about Scouts). I chose to talk about the new rule allowing girls to join Boy Scouts. I personally am fine with girls joining Boy Scouts. However, I have many friends in scouting that are against it quite a bit.

A point that they bring up a lot is that it is called Boy Scouts, and that girls can just join Girl Scouts. Well “Boy Scouts” is just a name, in fact we have been told that we now should just call it Scouts and remove the boy part.

A good point I have been told supporting the change is that Boy Scouts have a prestigious rank called Eagle Scout. Once you turn 18 in Boy Scouts, you are still a scout as long as you have earned the rank Eagle Scout and you continue to be an Eagle Scout for the rest of your life. In Girl Scouts, there isn't really any rank to match up to the rank Eagle Scout. The only one requires you to make a global impact on the world, which is a lot harder to do than earning Eagle Scout, but it’s unfortunately less respected.

This is still a very controversial topic that a 12-year-old like me can't really grasp. Thanks for reading!

Holden Perkins


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