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I was reading about the Yellowstone Drag Strip, and I felt compelled to write. Young and old, and in between, can save their money and come out to Broadwater Avenue, 24/7, and watch the show. We could even call it the BW race venue. It runs the gamut from trucks, cars and motorcycles. You name it, we have it. Very loud, over-the-top, little or no regard for the speed limit. Even accidents and fatalities are not a deterrent.

Do you think these obnoxious folks care that there are people that live here? I think not. Just like a lot of places where people are jockeying for a position to cut you off and wind up at the same stop light. But anyway, you should come down to BW, bring your own concessions and chairs, and watch these idiots make a spectacle of themselves — even say a prayer for them.

Life in the fast lane.

Jennie Bodine


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