Montana Governor Steve Bullock is a prime example of why term limits are a bad idea. Having been elected governor of your great state — where conservatives outnumber liberals — twice, clearly this fine Democrat comes as close as any elected official in modern times to inspiring confidence in people on both sides of the ideological divide.

While I am not familiar with all of his accomplishments as Montana's governor, I can point to one that deserves praise from everyone. Bullock persuaded a legislature dominated by Republican members to expand Medicaid to ensure that all the state's citizens, especially the poorest, get the health care they need. Compare that to Florida, where under Rick Scott's term as my state's governor, a $3 billion gift from the federal government to do the same thing was rejected by Scott.

There are records to prove that Florida citizens have died when they were unable to access our health care system. Under Florida law, Scott was also limited to two terms, thank God, but I'd be willing to throw out the law in every state if it meant that an elected official of the quality of Bullock could continue in office as long as his citizens want him to keep serving them.

I became aware of Bullock only when I saw him in the first Democratic debate. I was impressed right away with his knowledge of important issues. I read about him in newspaper stories and watched his interviews on line. I eventually became a steady donor to his presidential campaign and promoted his candidacy to friends here in Florida. They were also impressed. I was very disappointed when Bullock dropped out of the race for president, but I agree with his choice not to run for your Senate seat. While I feel strongly that he could have done for America the same great things he has done for Montana, he rightfully feels that the duties of a U.S. senator would require too much time away from his family. It was an admirable decision.

Maybe if we Floridians are lucky, when Bullock retires one day, he will move to Florida and run for office here. I'll be waiting.

Dan Liftman

West Palm Beach, Fla.

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