We have a Montanan running for president of the United States. He is not on TV a lot, but he is out there meeting folks and sharing some strong Montana concepts. He talks straight, calmly and eye to eye. Gov. Steve Bullock served our state for two terms. Now he wants to see what he can do for our messed up country. Without millions of dollars splashing ads 24/7 on your TV, he is not in constant view. He doesn’t attempt to convince us he knows it all by sending Tweets every time a thought enters his head.

I met Bullock at a rally for Denise Juneau who was running for U.S. House against Ryan Zinke in 2016. (She lost to Zinke and we all know how that worked out.) The governor was a calm supporter, not trying to outshine Denise, but he heard us and participated in the discussion.

Bullock has the courage to run for president of the United States without millions of dollars backing him from some unknown dark source. That shows us that he is serious. Steve feels he can swing this country back into a healthy outlook. He can give us more to look forward to than continual lies, political greed and ego trips that we all pay for.

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Many, really good people, took a gamble on President Trump. Now we know how that worked out. What is the chance Bullock could become president? Let’s find out. Back Steve Bullock for president and shock the world.

Jo Smith


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