I attended the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band concert last night and left a little early, but stopped just outside the gate to hear one last song. I noticed something: I could hear it much better than I could with in the concert grounds!

I've noticed something similar the last two times I've attended Huntley Homesteader Days (at least there you can come in and go out with a hand stamp/ticket stub), you could hear much better in the parking lot.

Now, no one can expect people to not socialize, but seriously, people have paid good money to hear the band or artist in that concert ($30-$35 dollars for last night’s concert, it can be more) including the people talking by the way, but someone loitering outside the grounds could have had a much more enjoyable experience than those who paid for it!

Is it really too much to ask that people keep the conversations to between sets, or at least songs? And shouldn't the people running such events at least ask the audience, politely of course, to refrain from talking during the performance? Come on, people! Show some courtesy! There are times that it is fine to talk, but not while the music is playing! Please!

Evan Pedersen


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