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Is the illegal issue a crisis, or a new norm?

I just read the numbers for illegals being detained at the Southern Border for the last three months. In April the number was 38,243. In May the number was 40,338. In June it went down a little to 34,243.

My question to Montanans is simple. What country or even a state could manage an increase of over 100,000 new illegals crossing into their country or state every three months? What would the Montana government do if over 30,000 illegals crossed into our state, every month, at the northern border? Sounds to me like this is a crisis issue. If they are all seeking asylum then something must be wrong in their home country, and if so, maybe, just maybe, something needs to be done to fix that problem if possible.

Do all of these illegals receive any government benefits? Therefore, I do not believe having an open border policy is the best way to go. This midterm election sure seems like a time to solve this crisis issue. Perhaps we should close the southern border both ways — illegals crossing in and Americans traveling south. That might force a solution to happen.

Gary Carlson


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