On June 28, a Gazette article said that Commissioners Denis Pitman and Don Jones, regarding the possible move of Hub and Crisis Center, felt that their goal for "starting a discussion" (about moving those facilities) was "to remind the HUB and Crisis Center that their funding was not guaranteed and to “put them on a notice.” I looked up the phrase, "to put someone on notice," and it is a warning phrase, applied to negative things.

I would like to praise the Hub, as a community member. Billings is a rich community with generous and compassionate donors, friends and volunteers. They have the courage to see beyond the stereotypes and assumptions of those who find themselves in homeless situations. People are people and should be treated as such. The donors help, along with the Mental Health Center, in each individual's success.

Clients of the Hub are helped to get jobs, housing, mental health stability, access to medication, and medical care and reunification with their family because a family member has gotten needed help.

Instead of putting the Hub "on notice," we should be celebrating what it does for its clients and their families. It takes skill and expertise for staff there to so lovingly and successfully partner with people who have no home and help them get on their feet and, indeed, in many cases, to help them survive.

Anne Harris


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