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I am a woman. Lately my Facebook newsfeed has been blowing up with other women celebrating the amazing feat of women being elected into government. At first I tried to let the posts pass, but after the 82nd one I was becoming a little annoyed.

I am not easily offended, but I do consider myself a feminist, and these posts got under my skin. I am not a feminist in the bra-burning, man-hating, free-birth-control-demanding way of modern feminism. Rather, I just want equality. I don’t want men to have advantages in politics or anywhere just because they are men, but I don’t want women to, either.

Politicians should be judged and elected not for their gender, but for their policies. Celebrating a woman winning just because she is a woman is just as sexist as hiring a man just because he is a man. There are plenty of successful women in the world that we can celebrate without belittling them by focusing more on their gender than their achievements.

If you want to celebrate a female politician because she won an election, fine. But do not undermine her achievement by celebrating just the fact that she is a woman, which is something she had no control over. Look to her record, policies, and plans. If they are fact-based, thorough, and pro-American, then celebrate that. By putting so much emphasis on gender, we are not empowering women. We are lowering the bar for them.

Janet Carroll

Cody, Wyoming

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